Regional food and products

Traditional delicacies from the Łańcut region

The region around Łańcut offers a variety of interesting regional products. Fruit is widely cultivated in the Łańcut County. Try the many local specialties with fruit as the main ingredient. Pancakes with plum jam is a very popular dish, as well as fruit soup. Blueberries (pl: jagody) are the subject of many local traditions, folk beliefs and legends. During the feast of our Lady of Jagodna in Medyna Łańcucka you should try blueberry buns (jagodzianki). Try also a very unique bread: the Łańcucki wholemeal bread baked on leaves of cabbage and old-Polish bread baked on wood and leaves of cabbage. Come and visit us to try our local dishes.

Dishes from the Medynia clay pot

In earthen ware, you can bake meat, fish, vegetables, casseroles, cakes, tarts, bread, or rolls. Dishes prepared in clay pots retain the right moisture and there is no need to use a large amount of fat. Light digestibility and a lower calorific value of food has a direct impact on the quality of our well-being. Natural fat from the meat or vegetable juice, are guarantor for better taste and nutritional value. This dish keeps warm for many hours. Try traditional dishes, served in clay vessels in the Potter’s Inn (Karczma u Garncarzy) in the pottery centre in Medynia Głogowska.

Visit the pottery fair

The yearly summer Pottery Fair is connected with the competition “Our Culinary Heritage”. At the Pottery fair – held every year at the beginning of July – you can learn about ceramics and crafts from all over the region. You can watch the demonstrations how to throw a clay pot on a potter’s wheel and how to bake vessels in a kiln. You can also take part in workshops, enjoy folk concerts, or sample regional cuisine.

Handzlowianka Farmstead

Still alive and rich culinary traditions are cultivated by the rural land ladies and the Handzlowianka Farmstead. The land ladies produce a wide variety of local food made from traditional products and recipes. Some of them entered on the list of traditional products of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development: e.g. Handzlowski Easter whey, Handzlowski wheat rolls,  pickled cucumbers from Handzlówka, fresh cheese from Handzlówka and Handzlowski cheesecake.

Taste regional products during local events

If you want to try local dishes, you should come to one of the many events promoting traditional food: “flavours and aromas from Galician cottages”, “the feast of bread” in Głuchów, “Eastern table” in Albigowa, the culinary competition of the best Christmas dishes in Czarna.  The last event always takes place on the last Saturday before Christmas in Wola Mała.

You can also taste regional products during the feast of Michael the Archangel, patron of the District of Łańcut, and the Easter fair which is held every year on Palm Sunday in the manege. This fair presents and promotes regional cuisine, pastries, reeds, beautiful painted Easter eggs, Eastern palms and other traditional products of the region of Łańcut.  On the yearly Christmas Market you can also try regional dishes. Current information about events you will find here.

Liqueurs from Łańcut

A very exceptional traditional regional product from Łańcut is rosolio, whose production started in Łańcut at the end of the 18th century and continues till today. Rosolio is a high percentage liqueur derived from rose petals and has various flavours: rose, herbal bitter and coffee. The production of rosolio was started by count Alfred Potocki, the owner of Łańcut.

Distillery Museum

In Łańcut the only Polish distillery Museum is located. In a classical manor house built in 1833 the museum shows the development of the liqueur, rosolio and rum factory of count Alfred Potocki.

Subcarpathian proziaki

When you are in the Podkarpackie Voivodship you should definitely try proziaki (similar to scones). Proziaki are made of flour, sour milk, salt and baking soda. You can buy this specialty in inns, on fairs and harvest festivals.

Location and contact information

“Zagroda Handzlowianka”
Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich

37-123 Handzlówka 267

Phone: +48 519 677 115


Karczma u Garncarzy (Potter’s Inn)

37-126 Medynia Głogowska 382a
Phone: +48 17 772 68 30 / 662 622 006
Reservations: +48 539 959 396



Piekarnia (Bakery) Anmar

Rogóżno 465a
37-112 Kosina
Phone/fax: +48 17 225 63 12
Mobile: +48 696 085 088, +48 512 190 666