Łańcut Castle Museum

Immerse yourself in the world of the aristocracy

The main attraction of the district of Łańcut is one of the most beautiful aristocratic residences in Poland. Łańcut castle, along with pavilions and farm buildings is surrounded by historic and picturesque English park. In the neo-baroque stable you will find a beautiful and a very interesting collection of horse drawn vehicles. The complex of castle, stables and park is of great historic importance for Polish and European cultural heritage.

Łańcut Castle

Łańcut castle was built in 1629-1642 for Stanisław Lubomirski. It was a very modern residence of the so called “palazzo in fortezza” type, consisting of a residential building with towers at the corners, surrounded by fortifications. In the 2nd half of the 18th century, the former owner of Łańcut, Izabella Lubomirska, evolved the fortress in a palace-park complex. At the end of the 18th century Łańcut belonged to the finest residences in Poland. Music and drama performances bloomed here and many distinguished guests visited the castle.

After a complete reconstruction and modernization in the 19th century, it became one of the most luxurious residences in continental Europe.

Beautiful interior

You can visit the beautiful decorated 17th-20th century interiors of the Łańcut castle and see numerous works of art. The oldest exhibits are part of the collection of Princess Izabella Lubomirska.

Muzeum zamek w Łańcucie

Watch a film (pl) about the investments in the castle museum

Castle park

The park is undoubtedly an amazing setting for the castle. It covers an area of 31 hectares and is divided into the inner park, which is decorated with numerous shrubs, trees and sculptures, and the outer park. The outer one is an enormous landscape park, where you can see many  interesting trees such as Japanese pagoda tree, American tulip tree and Magnolia x Soulangeana. There is also a beautiful pond and an avenue of copper beech trees.

Around the Łańcut castle

Pay attention to the historic objects which are located in the park: the orangery, the manege, the romantic castle, the gardener’s house (currently is home to a music school) and Pavilion Elizin. Enjoy the orchid house with more than 1260 species of orchids, the only one in Poland and one of the richest collections in the world.

The nearby manege is an unique building with an interesting design of the roof truss. Here are the museum cash desk, tourist information centre, shops and an art gallery.

A rich collection of carriages

Be sure to visit the stables and the coach house in the vicinity of the park. In the coach house you can admire numerous souvenirs and exotic hunting trophies as well as a rich collection of carriages purchased after World War II from private owners.  The most impressive exhibition is the collection of 55 horse-drawn vehicles from the Potocki family. Particularly noteworthy are the glam carriages. There is also a collection of luxurious carriages manufactured by the most renowned European companies.

Orthodox art – beautiful icons

The orthodox art collection in Łańcut, which is the biggest collection of Ukrainian Orthodox art in Poland, is located in the eastern wing of the stable. The collection not only includes icons, but also flags, processional crosses, books, textiles and liturgical vessels.

Location and contact information

Łańcut Castle Museum
1 Zamkowa Street
37-100 Łańcut
Phone: +48 17 225 20 08

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