Memorial House of Saint John Paul II

In the Łańcut poviat you will find a lot of places associated with Pope John Paul II who was born in Wadowice (Małopolskie Voivodeship), Poland. On April the 27th 2014 he was canonized by Pope Franciscus. The renovated building of the old presbytery (1896) in Kraczkowa near Łańcut houses the John Paul II Memorial House.

Interesting exhibition dedicated to the Polish pope

Many valuable souvenirs owned by the local parish of St. Nicholas the Bishop are exhibited here. These include: a cassock, a papal belt, shoes and chasubles, a zucchetto, a platter with the papal coat of arms, liturgical vessels, and a, blessed by the Pope, figurine of Our Lady of Fatima. You can also see here a scarf from India, medals minted on the occasion of the subsequent anniversaries of the pontificate and foreign pilgrimages, rosaries of John Paul II, pine cones from the Vatican Gardens, documents and portraits with the personal signature of the pope, many stamps, pictures and greeting cards. Some of the memorabilia were donated to the museum by Archbishop Mokrzycki – formerly secretary of John Paul II, now Metropolitan of Lviv.

Opening hours of the John Paul II Museum

The John Paul II Museum in Kraczkowa is open every second day of the month from 19.00-20.00 before the solemn papal Holy Mass in the parish church of Saint Nicholas the Bishop in Kraczkowa.

Location and contact information

Parish of St. Nicholas the Bishop

Kraczkowa 216
37-124 Kraczkowa