Dąbrowski’s tenement house

The family treasury in Żołynia

When strolling around the market square in Żołynia you will definitely pay attention to a one-story bourgeois tenement house. This is the family house of the Dąbrowski family.

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries a sculpting workshop operated here, in which over 100 altars were made (including the monumental main altar for the church in Sieniawa), as well as countless smaller pieces of temple equipment, such as: pulpits, confessionals, stalls, feretrons, benches and crosses. The Dąbrowski family was also involved in applied art. They created furniture (wardrobes, dressing tables, tables and chairs, beds), clock cases and picture frames. During the tour you will learn about the history and achievements of the family, you see the documents, photos and family souvenirs. Preserved include stoves with decorated tiles and a richly decorated wardrobe made by Franciszek Dąbrowski.

Museum nights are organized in the house. The building is inscribed on the list of objects of the Carpathian trail of gardens and historical houses.

Location and contact information

Tenement house of the Dąbrowski family
1 Market Square
37-110 Żołynia

Phone: +48 17 22 43 061, +48 600 173 555
Email: gokzolynia@interia.eu

Visiting on prior arrangement by phone.

Free donations are welcome.